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Louis Vuitton/Louis Vuitton 21Fw letter logo baseball jacket I’m sorry to keep you waiting for a long time, get the authentic and start to discuss all the things about this dress! In terms of fabrics alone, I have ordered them for more than a month, and the color components are restored one-to-one! The fabric composition is %65 wool, %15 natural silk, %10 spandex, %10 velvet ⚠️ mixed and custom-woven, with a total weight of more than 900 grams! And the most important thing is its color fastness, it will never fade! The Australian imported calfskin used for the sleeves is processed and shaped, colored, washed, and the texture retains the original particle structure! Thick and plump! The embroidery uses an imported towel embroidery machine. First embroider each pattern on the Mao Zhan, engrave it with an infrared laser, and then fix it with a sewing machine. This dress has 12 labels, one flat embroidery, and a large LV on the back. The skull pattern is directly embroidered on it, what is the number of stitches? From a layman’s point of view, I also understand! This dress has 4 different techniques of embroidery⚠️The rib is made of cotton yarn, dyed and woven, woven with roving flat knitting, no pilling, skin-friendly cotton, full of three-dimensional effect! The original hardware accessories are genuine, just say that the face buckle and the low buckle have the LV full name LOGO, which is absolutely impossible for low-end products on the market. The color is pure and the accessories are complete. Don’t compare the low-end products on the market with ours for fear that you will be sad! The ancients said that you get what you pay for every penny! Remember! ! ! 003 Size: S-XL

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